Different Sports, Different Glasses

Different Sports, Different Glasses

Apparently, every type of sport requires different protection glasses such as the best golf sunglasses. Not just as a sweetener appearance, glasses also have health functions that you should be aware of as a user. With a special design, a variety of sports glasses function to protect the eyes during high activity when sports, such as dust, ultraviolet rays, smoke until a sudden collision!







1. Starting from the most obvious, swimming
When swimming, you need to be aware of the chlorine content in pool water which often irritates the eyes so the eyes turn red. To be more focused and not damage the eyes, always wear swimming goggles. When choosing glasses, make sure the rubber material has strong edges so that water does not easily enter and interfere with your swimming activities. Choose anti-blur goggles to prevent the effects of disturbing water and weather conditions.

2. When playing golf
Concentration, determination, and accuracy are 3 important things for golfers. Often, you who like to play golf will rest for a moment in the temperature changes or drastic sun which is an obstacle to your accuracy and concentration. In addition to the hot sun, do not forget about other obstacles such as wind, leaves, and even dust in the golf course area. Therefore, those of you who like to play golf don’t forget to use golf glasses that have UVA and UVB protection, and lenses that have sharp focus (high definition optics) to work around this.

ImageProductDetails  Price
COSVER Mens Polarized Sunglassesmetal frame
anti-reflective lens
Lens width: 70 millimeters
Bridge: 15 millimeters
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Callaway Sungear MerlinMade in the USA or Imported
3.2″ high
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Callaway Sungear Goshawk Durable and lightweight titanium frame
Adjustable silicone nose pads maximize fit and wear comfort
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Pros And Cons Best Golf Sunglasses


  • Composite frame
  • Composite lens
  • polarized
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters


3. Sports bicycle/motorcycle in extreme terrain
We all know that helmets are an important part when riding a bicycle. But to maintain the safety and comfort of vision, protection glasses are also important to protect the eyes from dust, gravel, sharp particles that are dangerous, and the rays that cause glare. For this sport, the types commonly used are polycarbonate and polarize which are very strong, lightweight, and able to withstand ultraviolet rays up to 100%. The larger the area of ​​the lens the better it will protect the eye area compared to a narrow or small lens. As for the color of the lens, you can choose yellow, rose pink, and brown which are proven to reduce glare better than other colors.

4. Basketball
Playing basketball also has glasses, you know! Because there is silicon material behind the glasses that doesn’t hurt, you don’t need to worry about getting hit by the ball! Choose lenses made from polycarbonate or trivex, with frames that are able to protect the entire eye. Pay attention to the color selection of the lens, a clear colored lens is the best choice to be able to see sharply.

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